Monday, 9 April 2012

keepin' it simple (^_^).V

Assalamualaikum... May peace be upon you

My first entry for 2012, i was actually on the verge of deleting this blog but decided to just shelf it... in case i ever feel the need to blog again, and oh yeah today is the day ^_^

life has been a roller coaster for me, literally... 2011 closed with lots of tears & hard sweat, 2012 greeted me with a smile & i was given the opportunity to live one of my life-long dreams... having my own gig, my own show, my own entity, alhamdulillah praise be to Allah ... i'll tell u guys more about that in days to come

today is merely to share a nice image that i got from FB, some very inspiring words about not to complicate things... yeah i do tend to do that most of the time, thinking too hard about something that isn't that much important ..... i guess being a melancholy i just can't help it, but yeah that shouldn't be a reason ... so, lighten up Addie, it's a brand new day ;)

H umaizieH assan


mcyah_vespa said...

nice blog walking..already follow u...follow me back dear :)