Wednesday, 22 June 2011

oLdiEs Part Deux

How shall i put this... well i was bored, very very bored so i dug up some old photos (again)....

Nostalgic ??? Yeah maybe a bit.... i believe that we are who we are today as a result of our past experiences.... even those itsy bitsy teeny weeny stuff matters, but we normally don't notice or just don't care to notice....

Me ??? I'm grateful for every single memory that i have, be it good or bad... Otherwise i won't be the same person that i am today... i'm not saying that i'm at the top of my game, but i'm getting there, InsyaAllah (^_^)

Posing kat bilik pengawas (2001)
Port kitorang ponteng kelas :p (2001)
English College Prefectorial Board (2001)
Class Photo... Form 4 kot
Anak-anak Tok Penghulu (ATP) - Program Anak Angkat Desa Tercinta Pontian (2002)
Performing "Keluarga Bahagia" (2002)
1st time makan Nasi Ambeng (2002)
Visit to Ladang Lebah, Pontian (2002)
Faci in Camp - Birthplace of RKU (2003)
War Game !!!
Askar-askar keletihan
Winners :D
Me, Dzul & Leman
With juniors @ Lambaian Danau Camp, Melaka
Final Pose ...
Performing a short sketch & song @ Program Anak Angkat Desa Tercinta Batu Pahat (2004)
We reptiles !!! (EduCare Fair 2005)
Some of my many accomplishments in UPG (University Peer Group)
RKU - Me, Faruq & Leman