Friday, 23 September 2011

Jom Menembak !!!

Had a great day at the shooting range with Trev & Melit.... first time i ever held & shot a real gun.. i had a revolver, a 44, a shotgun & ooooohhh a M16 !!!

i must say that it looks easier than it really is.... the shotgun was the most surprising, hurt my shoulder a bit as the impact was pretty hard... but overall i give it 2 thumbs up (^_^)

i definitely will do this again, wonder if they have it in Malaysia ??? thinking of trying archery & horse riding after this... hmmmmm







H umaizieH assan


Siti사랑MAj said...

real bullet?
nk try m16 and shotgun !
malaysia ade kotz. not sure where.

aDdiE said...

yeah real bullets !!! jomla, syok woooo... lps ni nk try tembak cm org gila plak, 1st time skema la sket :p