Saturday, 5 March 2011


Come on lay, right on my shoulders,
I’ll try my best, not to shed a tear,
And if u’d give a chance, to endorse me,
U’d understand, ouh u’d understand.

We had a moment, just to ourselves, yes we did baby,
That is all, I’ve been craving for,
I’d sacrifice, everythin` 4 u, u know I will baby,
Just to be, next to u dear.

Ur luv fills my burning soul,
Ur care keeps me up afloat,
You surely know how to show……
I don’t know what I’m goin through,
I feel the heavens passing through,
I need u here can’t u see ????……

I need u inside
We had a moment to ourselves
Now I can learn
To stand up alone again

And I will try
To make me feel alive again
I will give it all
And cherish every single sec

I need u inside……

And as the time, passes by us dearly,
I know there ain’t, a thing left 4 me,
My heart is torn, it has been so costly,
But I will keep, this love so dear to me.

I need u inside
Although I know u won’t be there…

Original Poem by:  siti shorty
Composed by:  H umaizieH assan