Saturday, 5 March 2011

Through The Storm

As I sit silently in the still night
A gust flows with such might
Shivers ran down like a speeding flight
I quivered but won’t give up the fight

Through the frames of time I can see
The world is not intended just for me
I ask not for any sympathy
Just a dose of sincerity

Now I’m all alone
And you’re just a stone
But I still believe
There’s hope for this life, you’ll see

I pray upon the Almighty
To give me strength that’s heavenly
To guide me through the uncertainty
And bless me with sanity

I’ll never give up nor will I run
I just can’t wait to have some fun
The days when I’ll see u cry in regret; full of sad
A successful person I’ll be; the one you once had (^_^)

H umaizieH assan